Synopsis of
Who’s Got Your Financial Back

who's got your financial back paul reback



The subtitle of this book, “Conquering All Challenges with the Right Advisor,” points to why the book’s message is especially meaningful and should be read by everyone with any assets. In today’s complex environment, having the right financial expert can and will make all the difference in how your money serves you.

Nonetheless, far too many people abrogate their responsibility towards their assets by allowing the wrong person or persons to take charge. They leave their money, their “precious child” so to speak—one that they hope will take care of them well into their old age—in someone else’s hands. They hardly ever pay close attention to what is going on with their investments, but then, if things go south, they are deeply shocked.

Others tolerate financial advisors who treat them with condescending jargon instead of really listening to what they want and need, truly concerned and committed to position their assets for both safety and growth.

That is where Paul Reback comes in.  As an independent Certified Financial Planner and President of Capital Estate Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Paul has developed a stellar reputation as a financial professional who becomes “part of your family.” To say he goes “the extra mile” is to leave out the rest of the 26-mile marathon he runs for each and every client. In other words, he has your financial back, lock stock and barrel.

How do you find a Paul Reback in your neck of the woods—the kind of professional, man or woman, who has your best interests at heart, and positions your portfolio of assets perfectly? And, when you think you’ve found such a person, what questions do you ask them? Also, what kind of track record should they have? When you are busy with your day-to-day life, as we all are, and secretly still want someone to “just do it” for you, how do you continue to oversee the overseer? Lastly, is there a formula for making this relationship work on a steady basis, year after year, even as your life’s events and circumstances (and thus your financial needs) change with every birth, death, marriage, divorce, remarriage, business, professional or health-related transition?

All these questions are answered, along with many answers to many questions you didn’t even think to ask but truly need to know if you want to have your assets grow. And of course you want them to grow, so they can continue to serve you in the lifestyle you enjoy now and want to preserve.

In describing his journey to becoming such a dedicated, respected and successful financial advisor, Paul Reback opens his life and his heart to you with great candor and generosity. The client stories he shares are not only highly illustrative, relatable and entertaining; all of them are true, though the names and circumstances have been slightly altered to protect their privacy.

Money is the top source of stress in our lives, beating out professional, business and family responsibilities, and even concerns about our health, according to the new “Stress in America” survey, the Harris Poll conducted for the American Psychological Association. If you want to “make sure your money is always there to serve you,” (which is actually the title of Chapter 10) read this book cover to cover. Doing that will put you well on your way to finding a caring professional partner who has your back,  and allows you to feels like to feel comfortable and well-protected.