Who’s Got Your Financial Back
Table Of Contents

who's got your financial back paul reback



Preface: Why You Need an Outsider’s POV When It Comes to Your Money
One. Surprises: Learning to Take the Unexpected in Stride
Two. Indirect: The Circuitous Route to My True Calling
Three. Trust: The Essentials of Working with Other People’s Money
Four. Rich: Getting Past Illusions and Defining Wealth in a Whole New Way
Five. Relationships: When to Fully Trust Your Advisor’s Expertise
Six. Retirement: Factors to Consider in Making This Personal Decision
Seven. Decisions: Making Sure Your Estate Planning Goals are Met
Eight. Alchemy: Ideal Client Meets Ideal Advisor—Let’s Get Serious!
Nine. Snapshots: Definitions to Help You Navigate and Communicate
Ten. Lifestyle: Making Sure Your Money is Always There to Serve You
Afterword: Get Ready to Find the Financial Advisor You Richly Deserve!
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