Letter from the President

Paul Reback, President of Capital Estate Advisors

“He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I’ve found in life that I often make use of my friends’ professions. For instance, if one of my friends is a doctor, that’s who I’ll ask whenever I have a medical question. If one of my friends is a mechanic, it’s who I turn to when my car breaks down.

As a financial advisor, sometimes my friends come to me. Whether it’s on the street or at a party, I get a lot of questions. Some people ask if it’s a good time to invest in the markets, or if they should be sticking their money under a mattress. Others want to know about the economy. But whatever their questions, they look to me for help. Any why not? That’s what friends do.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to be a good friend. When I read the quote above, it hit me: if helping is what friends do, why wait to be asked? Why not extend help instead?

I run a company geared towards helping people with their investments. In fact, part of the reason I first got into the financial services business was to help people. Whether it’s getting the most out of their money or protecting assets from market loss, helping people is my passion. My job is the means through which I pursue it. And though it’s often said that your business life and personal life should be kept separate, I’m of the belief that you should be equally passionate about both.

So if helping people is my business and my business is my passion, and if helping friends is what friends do…

See the pattern?

You can always come to me if you have a question. But “he who gives when asked has waited too long.” So from time to time, I am going to share things that I think you will find valuable. What kind of things? Personal finance tips, how to plan for retirement…maybe even a little bit on investing. It’s a complicated world we live in, and our financial health has never been more crucial. Sometimes it can seem daunting, reaching for success while avoiding mistakes, but it can be done. I am here to help any way that I can.

All the Best,