Amy Pisanelli

Amy Pisanelli

Amy Pisanelli, Vice President of CEA, has been with the company since May 2007. Amy’s role includes research, portfolio management, and preparation of all presentations to clients.

Amy has a Management Degree from Ithaca College with a minor in Economics. After working as Account Coordinator at the International Federation of Professional Body Builders in San Francisco, and Project Manager at Rossmore Insurance of Beverly Hills, CA, she joined WedSafe Wedding Insurance, dually located in Los Angeles, California and New York City, where she worked from 2004 to 2007 prior to joining CEA.

At WedSafe Amy worked directly with the CEO, as she does at CEA, and was instrumental in building the company from an unknown product to a well-known national brand.

With her unstoppable work ethic and ability to thrive under pressure, Amy is the perfect complement to Paul, who shares those qualities as well as a similar sense of humor.

On the personal side Amy is highly athletic. At Ithaca she played College Softball as a center fielder. An avid sports fan, she is steadfast in her loyalty to the Jets and the Mets.

Amy has lived in New York, London, California, Hoboken, and Manhattan. She is now happily entrenched in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her husband Robert McCoy.