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February 2017

Milestones tell you where you are but they can’t tell you where you’re going

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Imagine you are driving a car down a lonely highway at night. You have no idea where you’re going or why you started driving in the first place. Because the sun isn’t out, and because you don’t have a compass, you have no idea which direction you’re going. It’s disorienting, but you have no choice but to keep driving- because at least if you keep driving, you know you’ll end up somewhere.

Then, all of a sudden, you see it: a green sign on the side of the road that reads MILE 32.

That seems encouraging, but a few minutes later, you see another sign that says MILE 33.

Then miles 34, 35, and so on. The brief spark of excitement you felt is gone, because it doesn’t take long for you to realize the truth:

Milestones tell you where you are. But they can’t tell you where you’re going. Read More